How to market applications in the App Store?

Apr 14, 2011

Every application in the App Store has a few fields like: application name, application’s icon and the description of the application.

Following are a few important points regarding these issues:
1. Choose a professional icon that represents your application. Apparently, it is a small issue but it has a critical importance. The reason is simple: this is what your potential customers will see. If you will choose a quali
ty icon, the chance that more customers will download your application is higher.
2. Choose a self-explanatory name for the application; your potential customer should understand what the iPhone application does based on its name.
3. Provide a detailed explanation what the application does. Here is a place to use a professional copywriter that will describe the iPhone application in a professional way.
4. In the text description, use words that represent the type of the application. The principles here is
to use ideas that are related to search engine optimization (SEO). In this way, when someone
searches an application in this field, the developed application will be found. You need to understandwhich words are commonly used bu the potential customers of the application. We suggest to use the Google Keywords Tool for this issue.
5. Prepare an image with a size of 480×320. Choose a clear picture in the right resolution.
6. Try to compress the application as much as possible so that its size will be minimal otherwise the customer might have to download it only when he is connected to WiFi network.

It is possible that an amazing application was developed but its description is not professional and users might not download the application from the App Store. So these issues are critical for the successful marketing of the application in the App Store.
The potential customers should get information about the new iPhone application:
1. You should send the new application for a review by a top bloggers that are known as market leaders. The potential customers relate to the bloggers’s ideas as objective ideas.
2. Articles about the new iPhone application by news Web sites. For example, if we want to market a Hebrew application, The ynet Web site will promote the new application.
3. Use social networks Web sites like Facebook to promote the launching of the new iPhone application.

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